We edit documents so that the highest possible standard of writing can be achieved. In our editing service, we help with

Academic needs

  • Academic Articles
  • Grant proposals
  • PhD dissertations

Business needs

  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • Contracts

On the academic side, we correct grammar, vocabulary, and style. We also check for cohesion (how the text hangs together), coherence (how the argument runs), and references. 

On the business side, we ensure that the correct business terminology is used.

We also help with the structure of the document as to its clarity and how it is presented.

  • Reports need to be expressed logically and in a standard manner.
  • Presentations need to be well laid-out and clear.
  • Contracts need to be highly accurate.

We help with all of this.

Newton also wrote a great deal. Here you can see his notes about the Philosopher's Stone, a substance to turn metals into gold. 

Our Philosopher's Stone is the process of raising your written work to a gold standard.