Education: BA
Work: Musician
Speciality: Percussion, drumkit, marimba, timpani
Language: English

  • Orchestral
    Willem Perkins - Orchestral Timpani-2
  • Concerto
    Willem Perkins - Rosauro Concerto
  • Duo
    Willem Perkins - Bartok Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion 2
  • Studio
    Willem Perkins - Percussion Studio
  • Christmas
    Willem Perkins - Christmas Marimba

Willem Perkins, BA

Willem is a concert percussionist. He plays all kinds of percussion, from drumkit to instruments such as marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel and vibraphone. He has given many solo performances, especially the Rosauro Concerto for Marimba and the duet, Blue Motion. Willem graduated from Leeds College of Music in 2019. He achieved a first class degree with the highest recital score of his year, and the highest anyone could remember in the history of the college! He also won the Cooke-Webster Rotary prize for the best recital.